How we can help

We use a lean design process to create successful products.

  • Build products that convert

    Increase your conversion rates by finding the sweet spot between your business goals and users’ needs.

  • Explore new ideas

    Reduce the risks of digital innovation by prototyping and testing ideas early on.

  • Make your team more efficient

    Empower your product team by optimizing your design processes, tools and culture.

Discover our process

Our Strengths

We don’t design for you.
We design with you.


We partner and work closely with our clients. You know your product better than anyone. Involving you in our workshops lets you share instant feedback so we can take faster decisions. That makes us all more efficient.

Valuable results

We want to make sure that every cent you invest in design brings solid returns. We create tailor-made solutions that are adapted to your specific challenges and business goals.

Knowledge sharing

Over the past decade, we've developed strong design processes by working with many different clients. We’ll share our know-how with your team as we work together. This give-and-take usually boosts everyone's productivity.

Weekly deliverables

We chop up projects into manageable chunks and deliver usable design material every Thursday. You get all of Friday to review it, so we can hit the ground running the week after.

Engineering foresight

We involve technical people from the start to ensure that we produce clear and logical deliverables that engineers love using.

Check out our design principles

Effective collaboration
means working elbow-to-elbow.

We have no sales team and no account managers. We get better results when clients are in direct contact with designers and are actively involved in the design process by joining us for workshops.

Meet the team

The value of the Central team is that they go much further than simply producing quality results. They are also a trusted advisor, a partner who will push you hard at times, object, refute your ideas, often being right and therefore… Help you improve.

Geoffroy De Cooman - Product Owner at Proxyclick

How we can work together

Inspired by lean and agile methods, we’ve developed adaptable ways of sharing our skills.

Modular sprints

We plan a series of week-long sprints to reach a particular goal you have in mind. As we move forward, we can always schedule additional sprints to tackle issues that come up along the way.


We’ve developed our unique subscription plan to give you more flexibility in working with us. Re-scheduling and modifying planned sprints is easier, you pay a predictable monthly fee and there’s less paperwork.


We love sharing what we’ve learned in 10 years of helping businesses with design and digital transformation. If your team wants to learn about best practices in our field, we’ll organize a workshop for you.