The story of Central started 11 years ago. At that time I was a young ambitious and rigorous designer who crossed the path of Ali, a young ambitious and creative designer. It was a good fit, the right time, and a few months later we created Central. We wanted to do highly interactive “one-shot” websites (remember Flash?).

Two years later Ali moved for new projects and I started to focus on user experience, usability and user interface. I began to love iterative improvements over “one-shot” website redesign. It started to grow fast and I ended up overwhelmed by work. In summer 2011, David and Quentin joined for what began to be a close-knit team.


Today, it’s time for us to turn the page of Central and to move on to new challenges.

It was a fantastic journey and I’d like to thanks everyone who joined the team for a ride: Cédric, Claire, David, Jérôme, Jonathan, Laure, Lionel, Loucas, Luis, Marie, Mathieu, Maxime, Pascal, Peter, Pierre, Quentin, Raphaël, Romain, Sarah, Sophie, Steve, and Valentin.

We’ve never considered ourselves as an agency but rather as a design team. It was a dream team of talented people working elbow to elbow, filled with trust, transparency and human values. It challenged me to learn to delegate work and responsibilities. I couldn’t have imagined how this would bring so many sparkling moments. I learned a lot with them, 4 days a week. They were also fantastic support every time I hit the ground.

I’d like to warmly thank the inspiring people who accepted our invitation to our Umami Talks — and every attendee who joined for a good time at listening to their experience. It’s with a twinge of regret that we have decided to stop the events, we miss those evenings with you all. (We are still hungry though ;-).

This wonderful journey has been possible thanks to our clients. We have discovered inspiring businesses and passionate people behind them. Hundreds of projects later we’ve grown a lot. Every single project challenged us to find the best way to crack it. We’ve tried to never make the same mistake twice and learned a lot. You allowed us to become experts, to explore new ways of working, to be proud of what we were releasing, to make a good living. Thank you for your trust over the years.

A final thank you to everyone who told us how much they love how we were going about our job. We were deeply driven by our personal values. It often made us do things our own way, sometimes differently than others even if that wasn’t intentional.


Where are we heading next? Marie is pursuing her English literature studies. Jérôme is freelancing as a Front-End Developer and Quentin is also working as a freelance Product Designer. As for me, I am now working as a design consultant to help companies in their digital product challenges.

Hit this link if you have a question or to say hello.

Be proud of everything you achieve,